Orange Moldova achieves Best Score in the DSBO test 2023

Commsquare NV conducted the Orange DSBO 2023 measurement campaign in Moldova.

Measurements were conducted by driving 2 cars with Rohde & Schwarz equipment across Moldova. Smartphones were installed in-car, such that the measurements represent in-car performance. The measurements took place between 4/May/2023 and 23/May/2023, including more than 90 hours of drive tests per car. Big cities, small cities & connecting roads were selected based on their importance and population. A total distance of roughly 2,800 km was covered during the tests; over 2,500 voice calls were made on each network; and over 20,500 data tests were conducted per network.

Following Orange Group scoring methodology, which is based on ETSI TR 103 559, Orange Moldova achieved the best score with an overall 861 points.

Therefore, Commsquare awards the Best Score in the DSBO test 2023 certificate to Orange Moldova.

More details on results can be found in the attached documents.

Commsquare DSBO Certificate Orange Moldova May2023

Commsquare DSBO Moldova Campaign Results May2023