New Datamon VoLTE release launched

New Datamon VoLTE release launched

Mechelen, Belgium, May 27, 2016 – Commsquare, an expert in mobile network monitoring and business analytics solutions, announced today the new release of DataMon VoLTE, its unique VoLTE monitoring solution that enables mobile operators obtain deep visibility on the VoLTE service offered to their subscribers.

DataMon VoLTE’s new release, besides allowing quality assurance of VoLTE service by monitoring both LTE control and user plane traffic, it also supports monitoring of VoLTE call handovers to legacy voice services via SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity).  In that way, mobile operators can have real time visibility on parameters that affect the experience of VoLTE service by end users such as dropped calls, poor call quality, MoS score across different technologies involved in a VoLTE call.

In addition, DataMon VoLTE’s unique analytics capabilities can provide strong, detailed insights on VoLTE call quality per geographical area or per smartphone type that the subscriber is using in order to identify bad VoLTE performance and facilitate incident trouble shooting.

Commsquare is committed to the continuous improvement of its VoLTE monitoring solution, enabling mobile operators to launch optimised VoLTE services and assure their quality in the long term.

For more information on DataMon VoLTE, please contact:

Erwin Dirckx, Sales & Marketing Director

Phone: +32 476 430 630


You can download the latest DataMon VoLTE presentation from the Media & Resources page.

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