How can Mobile Operators guarantee optimal Wi-Fi connectivity?

How can Mobile Operators guarantee optimal Wi-Fi connectivity?

For Mobile Operators, Wi-Fi connection setup time can be the key to delivering a great subscriber experience.

An increasing number of Mobile Operators is adding Wi-Fi connectivity to their offerings lately.

The benefits that Wi-Fi technology brings to the Mobile Operator subscribers are multiple, one of them being seamless voice and data service delivery. Subscribers that connect to a Wi-Fi network expect a smooth service experience. Taking too much time for the device to connect to the Wi-Fi network can negatively affect quality of experience and might disrupt the normal service delivery from the end user’s point of view.

There may be various reasons for delays during Wi-Fi connection setup. Sometimes, an association request might not be answered by the Access Point (AP) immediately or on the first attempt. Delays during the authentication process might indicate that the Operator’s Radius Server is overloaded. Another reason could be a slow response from the DHCP server allocating an IP address to the device.

No matter what the reason is, Mobile Operators need a way to identify & address such connectivity issues the earliest possible. This can be easily carried out with Commsquare’s Distributed Active Probe (DAP). DAP is an active testing solution that measures devices’ Wi-Fi connection setup time and provides details regarding delays down to individual setup step level. At Commsquare, we collect information from DAP probes and DAP-enabled smartphones distributed across your Wi-Fi network, analyse it and identify areas for improvement to achieve optimal Wi-Fi connection setup time and guarantee a high quality of experience.

Knowing the root cause for slow Wi-Fi connection setup can help you proactively address connection issues and protect subscribers from annoying delays & frustration, allowing you to maintain a happy and loyal customer base.

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