Press Release: Commsquare joined Systemics Group

Press Release: Commsquare joined Systemics Group

Belgian Commsquare BVBA and Polish Systemics-PAB Sp. z o.o. announce closing of the M&A transaction. Both companies, under the umbrella of the Systemics Group, aim to establish a leadership position in end to end management of quality issues  in mobile and fixed networks.

Warsaw, Mechelen – December 12, 2016 – Systemics-PAB Sp. z o.o., leader in mobile network services benchmarking, announced that it has completed Merger and Acquisition transaction with Commsquare BVBA, an expert in benchmarking, network optimization, mobile data monitoring and analytics solutions. This new partnership will strengthen the Group's combined benchmarking and optimization offering to mobile network operators in the EMEA region. It will also complement Systemics-PAB voice monitoring portfolio with Commsquare mobile data monitoring products.

The common aim of Systemics Group, currently comprising of Systemics-PAB, Nexus Telecom, NetQPro and Commsquare, is to help operators understand, pro-actively prevent and reactively address the variety of issues affecting quality in their networks.

The result will be an industry first holistic approach to both network quality and customer experience measurements that will combine active testing and passive monitoring. The Group offering both services and product solutions will expand the capabilities to deliver large scale QoS benchmarking and optimization projects in multiple countries. On the other hand, cloud based data post-processing combined with interactive reporting and analytics will help its customers gain real insight into issues affecting quality in their networks.

Stefan Engels, Founder and Managing Director of Commsquare BVBA, said:
“As the newest member of Systemics Group, Commsquare can immediately contribute with its fifteen years of experience in delivering its unique 'Network Doctor' service approach, technical benchmarking and end-to-end optimization projects, as well as the development of a comprehensive portfolio of products to monitor the performance of mobile data networks and VoLTE services.”

Mr. Engels is an experienced executive successfully leading projects in several EMEA countries. He has been the Managing Director of Commsquare since he founded the company in 2001. Mr. Engels will remain as Managing Director of Commsquare in Belgium, UK and Greece, and will become one of the key share-holders of Systemics-PAB.

Paweł Biskupski, President and Founder of Systemics-PAB, leader of Systemics Group, said:
“Systemics-PAB and Commsquare have been already successfully cooperating for three years in the EMEA market. I'm certain that consolidation of common financial assets and human expertise will drive a faster development of new products and services. Enlargement of the Systemics Group will continue to lead the way in visualizing the true service experience of end users, and to improve the networks of any Telco Operator.

Earlier this year Systemics-PAB acquired Nexus Telecom of Switzerland, a leading supplier of voice monitoring solutions. The synergy of the Group in 2016 will result in 120 Million PLN turnover and above. The Group, with above 200 employees, operates globally with subsidiaries and offices in Poland, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Greece, Russia, Jordan, Malaysia and Canada.” 

Mr. Biskupski is an experienced executive with more than 30 years of experience in ICT industry.

Commsquare has 15 years of experience in providing a comprehensive portfolio of network monitoring and business analytics products, as well as monitoring and optimisation services of mobile radio networks and mobile data services to operators worldwide. The company's portfolio includes both active and passive probing (DAP and DataMon) solutions for 2G/3G/LTE, DPI analytics and VoLTE.

The company is headquartered in Mechelen, Belgium with offices in the United Kingdom and Greece. Company's key customers include Proximus, Telenet, Liberty Global, Orange, T-Mobile, KPN and Ooredoo.

Systemics-PAB, founded in 1990 and privately held, is a leading company in quality of experience benchmarking services. Earlier this year Systemics-PAB acquired Nexus Telecom of Switzerland, a leading supplier of voice monitoring solutions. Systemics-PAB is a full active member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the GSMA organization. The company headquarter is in Poland, with subsidiaries and offices in Germany, Ireland, Russia and Jordan. In 2016, it has extended the market reach of the Systemics Group with offices in Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Greece, Malaysia and Canada.

Systemics-PAB operates globally with operators, regulators and equipment vendors. Company's key customers include Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, MTS, A1 Telekom Austria, Umniah, TRA, Vimpelcom, Huawei and Nokia.

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